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and improvement of membrane systems

Industry Membranology Services

Membranes offer tremendous opportunities to industry for process improvement and innovation, costs reduction and reduced environmental impact. We offer a range of services that will ensure efficient implementation and exploitation of membranes.

Please don't hesitate to contact us - whether you are simply interested in finding out what membranes can do for you; wish to characterise a process stream, or need expert advice in optimising a process if you are already a convert to membrane systems.


We design a range of laboratory based equipment for the assessment of pressure driven membrane process and systems.

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We offer a comprehensive range of analytical services for a wide range of industrial fluid materials include water wastewater and sludges, aqueous based process fluids, including fermentation liquors, food processing and chemical manufacture and conversion.

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Industrial Sector Applications

Membrane technology can be effectively applied to many industrial sectors where fluids are involved. There are many well publish applications and include food, chemicals, pharma, water and water reuse, desalination, wastewater and sludge treatment.

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Resources in Membrane Science Technology

Look here for explanations of membrane technology, its application and benefits.

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