Membranology is a spin out company of Swansea University. The University and its staff have a world wide reputation in membrane science and technology.

IChemE Commendation

In 2013 Membranology Ltd received the IChemE Commendation for our contributions to membrane science and technology.

The contributions are on several levels and include

  • The development of “physics to processes approach” to membrane separation
  • The development of membrane separation theory particularly in UF, NF and RO
  • Filtration modelling for process prediction and economic evaluation
  • Development of novel separation processes based on membranes

Membranology carry out the research and develop the systems to fit into your process lines.

What our filtration systems have achieved so far.

We have worked in many sectors requiring filtration to separate valuable components from waste liquor to algae concentration filtration to reduce energy usage.  Other areas include:

  • Algae harvesting
  • Cell harvesting
  • Yeast harvesting

For further information on our projects look at our filtration case studies.

How we make membrane filtration systems for you

Systems are researched and developed to achieve the goals of our clients. These bespoke filtration systems are then tested for proof of concept before a full scale production process facility is built.

Membrane filtration process goals

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