Filtration Cell – Temperature Control and Datalogging

Filtration cell control

Improved filtration cell control has been achieved with the latest version of the High Pressure Cell.  Some newly added features to aid in the rapid development of your filtration process.  The filtration cell is designed for research and development activities and is perfectly suited for all modern liquid phase membrane operations. The system is constructed from high grade stainless steel (SS316L) and is chemically resistant to most normal operating conditions. The set-up and operation of the unit is very quick and simple.

The unit is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 70 bar and is tested to 105 bar (for higher pressure operations please contact us).

Filtration Cell temperature control

The newest version now includes a jacket for tight filtration cell control of the temperature within.  This enables temperature screening to be completed in a controllable and measurable manner, through the thermowell positioned on the lid of the cell.

An upgradable option for the cell is the full package to include complete datalogging of the operational parameters for pressure, temperature, flux and stirrer speed to fit on a benchtop.

The system contains two pressure lines, one for close control at low pressures up to 6.5 bar, ideal for microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes.  The second is for control at high pressures up to 68 bar, ideal for nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes.  The system logs the parameters for pressure, stirring speed, temperature, permeate flux with calculated parameters for process evaluation.  These parameters are logged locally or you can remotely access the system and log on any connected computer.

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