HPC01 Filtration Cell

Frontal Filtration Cell HPC01

The Membranology HPC01 frontal filtration cell is a flexible and versatile unit suitable for all bench scale membrane experimentation. This could be simple membrane screening exercises to explore the feasibility of a new process, generating detailed process information ready for scale-up (e.g. membrane flux or rejection), or optimisation of complex separations and diafiltration processes.

The frontal filtration cell has been constructed drawing on 25 years of industrial biotech experience and is specifically designed for the high pressure nanofiltration and reverse osmosis applications, although the cell is perfectly capable of low pressure microfiltration or ultrafiltration applications as well.

Our filtration cell has been successfully employed for many applications such as:

  • Seawater desalination,
  • Wastewater clean-up,
  • Fractionation and concentration of low molecular weight organics (typically dyes, oligosaccharides, pharmaceuticals, mononucleotides… Etc.).

The processing time is rapid and the operation is simplistic.

The equipment is supplied with operating instructions, care and maintenance advice and the back-up of our full technical support and specialist laboratory services if needed (Please ask for details).

Filtration System Information

The HPC01 filtration cell is designed for research and development activities and is perfectly suited for all modern liquid phase membrane operations.

The system is constructed from high grade stainless steel (SS316L) and is chemically resistant to most normal operating conditions.

The set-up and operation of the unit is very quick and simple. The unit is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 70 bar and is tested to 105 bar (for higher pressure operations please contact us).

The membrane area is 41.8 cm2 and the recommended capacity of the unit is 300 mL (350 mL to top seal) although with the connection of a diafiltration unit the internal volume is practically limitless.

The latest design of the cell allows temperature control of the process material via the jacket around the main chamber of the cell.  A temperature probe can be easily inserted or removed from the thermowell integrated into the lid, aided by the stirrer inside the cell that can be magnetically controlled from underneath.

HPC01 can be customised to meet the specific requirements of your processes and filtration needs.  For example, we can supply all of the connections, valves, and instruments required for any operation. This could be a basic model or we could supply a unit with digital instrumentation, control valves and data-logging capability.

Customised filtration units

If you require a customised unit we are more than happy to help, contact us with your specifications.


Specification Sheet

Please download the specification sheet for the our high pressure frontal filtration cell

High Pressure Cell Datasheet