MH1- Benchtop System

MH1- Benchtop membrane filtration system

This small and versatile benchtop membrane filtration system is designed for limited space environments.

The system can be used with a range of small micro and ultrafiltration modules for experimental development and scaling studies.

The rig shown below contains a hollow fibre cartridge, with a typical membrane area of around 0.2 square metres.

Installed instrumentation measures pressure, temperature, and flow. A heat exchanger is included for thermal control located inside the tank.

The entire system comes with a flight case for secure storage and when you wish to move the equipment around without damage. Data logging is available to record the process parameters for analysis.

This system is ideal for rapid, small volume filtration in the lab. Its versatility is also suitable for field sampling in rivers or in large process plants where an analysis is required quickly.

Filtration process testing ready for scale up

The MH1-Benchtop membrane system  has been successfully used to develop and optimise membrane filtration systems before scaling up to full production filtration systems.

This unit has a low working volume of around 0.2L (based on membrane selection) and can be used with hollow fibre and spiral wound filters for rapid testing, proof of concept and design for large scale production filtration plants.

Download the MH1 benchtop specification datasheet

Benchtop Datasheet 

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