MH1- Quad Membrane System

MH1 Quad membrane system filtration rig

MH1 quad membrane system filtration rig was developed for the processing of larger volumes of process liquors and wastewater. The plant is versatile and configurable for a wide range of applications tailored to the customers’ requirements.

The images at the foot of this page, represent a rig developed for the processing and concentration of algae for foodstuff preparation and concentration. Other uses include:

    • Removal of polyaromatic hydrocarbons from wastewater
    • Concentration and purification of seaweed extracts
    • Recovery of dyes and pigments from industrial effluents
    • Treatment of anaerobic digestate streams
    • Clarify, divide, and concentrate sugar solutions
    • Harvesting of cells and concentrating enzymes prior to other processes
    • Cold sterilisation of beverages

The MH1 quad membrane system configuration contains 4 microfiltration membranes (0.2micrometers) with a total membrane area of 7.2 metres squared. This will typically provide a clean water flux of 13.5 tonnes per hour and an expected process flux of one to two tonnes per hour.

As with all Membranology filtration rigs, installed instrumentation measures pressure temperature flow PH and conductivity. This unit featured below, includes data logging for all measured variables and a capacity level control system in the tank to facilitate diafiltration operations. A concentric tube heat exchanger is included for thermal control.

  • Up to 7.2m2 membrane area
  • Clean water flux up to 13200 LPH
  • Typical application flux up to 720 LPH

Download our datasheet MF-Quad Datasheet

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