MH1- Single Membrane System

Single membrane system MH-1 Filtration rig

The single membrane system version can be scaled to suit any requirements.  This unit can process 100s of litres in a matter of hours, with:

  • Up to 1.8m2 membrane area
  • Clean water flux up to 3300 LPH
  • Typical application flux up to 180 LPH

Uses of  a single membrane filtration system

  • Removal of polyaromatic hydrocarbons from wastewater
  • Concentration and purification of seaweed extracts
  • Recovery of dyes and pigments from industrial effluents
  • Treatment of anaerobic digestate streams
  • Clarify, divide and concentrate sugar solutions
  • Harvesting of cells and concentrating enzymes prior to other processes
  • Cold sterilisation of beverages

The Membranology single membrane MH1 system is ideal for lab and field testing of processes prior to full scale construction of production process plants.

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