Process Design and Innovation

Filtration process design and innovation consultancy services

Understanding how membrane filter behaviour is impacted by process conditions is key to filtration process design and optimal processing. 

At Membranology our highly experienced team can advise on membrane selection along with filtration process optimisation

Having the correct equipment setup and optimising processing conditions is vital to the success of the process. 

Our highly experienced chemical and process engineers can aid in this process to ensure you maximise the potential from this multifaceted membrane technology. 

New project set up

Our innovative membrane filtration products have been developed to give customers a user-friendly platform that ranges from bench top filtration for research and proof of concept all the way up to pilot scale production systems.

The bench filtration rig equipment developed by Membranology is customised to your recovery requirements, to ensure parameters such as volume holdup, flux rates and space requirements, to name a few, are all catered for.

If you are seeking an efficient filtration set up to improve quality, process volume, then contact the Membranology consultancy team today.

Membrane filtration optimisation

Have you considered reviewing your filtration systems?  Legacy filtration systems can be heavy on energy or slow on volume processed.  The filtration consultancy and engineering teams can review your current filtration systems and recommend innovative ways to reduce cost, improve volume, and extend filter life.  Increasing your profitability and reducing maintenance cost.

Upgrade your current set up, contact Membranology today.