Fluid and Membrane Characterisation, Membrane Selection

Membrane selection and filtration design

If you are working on a new biorefining process and want to recover assets from the process liquors, membrane selection is critical for maximum asset recovery, quality of product and profitability.

The selection of a specific membrane for your process can be a daunting prospect.  There are many products on the market that have very similar specifications and characteristics however, they can perform in very different ways.

The right filters for the job  

Membranology have characterised a large range of membranes and can advise on a specific membrane for your application. 

In addition, Membranology can characterise any new membrane for clients and report on the likely application or expected mode of operation for client specific processes.

The different membrane types are:

  • Tubular membranes
  • Hollow fibre membranes
  • Ceramic membranes
  • Spiral wound membranes

There are some images in the gallery for membranes, with good quality.  What additional ones do you require?

We can build systems around all types.

Filtration consultancy work

Membranology have built a reputation in the biorefining sector with pioneering work recovering assets from industrial biotechnology  processes to produce value added products from the waste streams.  You can get an idea of what we do by reading our biofiltration case studies.

Filtration process development

Talk to us about your process and filter selection requirements by completing our contact form and arranging a meeting.