Freeze Concentration

Freeze Concentration filtration units

Membranology have developed several freeze concentration units to work in the our MH1 membrane filtration systems.

Developed for use in the food industry and industries where recovery of compounds from wastewater is required for the biotech sector.

Membranology freeze concentration products employ either scraped wall cell or plate freeze type methods for ice formation.  These cover a variety of ranges up to 100L volume, with further information provided upon request.

These freeze concentration systems have been developed over the last few years using our extensive biotech knowledge.

How does freeze concentration work?

Freeze concentration is a technology that can be used in the food processing industry to concentrate fruit juices, as an alternative to evaporation and reverse osmosis for concentration of many liquid foods. This process enables the removal of water from a solution by cooling or freezing it until high-purity ice crystals are formed and separated to leave a desired concentrated fluid.

This form of filtration is applied where focus is on aroma retention and high-quality products. It is especially suited for heat sensitive products. Freeze concentration is used for coffee extracts, fruit juices, vinegar, beer, wine and practically any other aqueous solution.

Membranology have developed several freeze concentrator units to use in conjunction with their MH1 membrane filter rigs.

Scraped wall freeze concentrator

Plate Freeze Concentrator

These new devices, developed by Membranology, can be added to the MH1 test filtration rig in the food industry.

    • Fruit juices,
    • Cider, wine, and sprits
    • Coffee extract, tea extract, seaweed extract, fish extract
    • Vinegar, wort
    • Egg white liquid

The system can be built to your specification and process volumes required.

Other industry applications include:

    • High purity water production from mixed wastewaters
    • Separation from pure water from a feed containing dissolved volatile substances in a single step.
    • Insensitivity to the presence of scaling components
    • Insensitivity to the present of some suspended solids
    • Recovery of precipitating solids in a separate stream as a sludge

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Scraped Wall Unit

Scraped Wall Freeze Concentrator


Plate Freeze Concentrator