Our Products

High Pressure Cell

Filtration Cell

High pressure dead end filtration cell.  Excellent for rapid evaluation of a full range of membranes from MF through to RO


Benchtop MF and UF

Benchtop cross flow filtration unit.  Excellent for process development or working with volumes from 200ml to 10L

Production Scale

Production Equipment MF, UF, NF and RO

Production scale equipment designed to customer specification covering the full range of filtration from MF through to RO.

Filtration Cell with Control

Filtration Cell Control

Filtration cell with temperature control and full datalogging of process parameters

Pilot Scale

Pilot Scale MF, UF, NF and RO

Pilot scale equipment designed to customer specification covering the full range of filtration from MF through to RO.

Freeze Concentration

Freeze Concentration

Pilot and small scale freeze concentration systems

The MH1 Membrane Filtration Rig

The Membranology MH1 membrane filtration rig is a flexible and versatile unit suitable for the concentration of biomass and particulate solids for pilot scale or large laboratory processing.  Our filtration rig have a proven track record in the separation of many typical organisms such as:

    • Saccharomyces cerevisiae,
    • Saccharomyces candida,
    • Pichia pastoris,
    • Escherichia coli,
    • Bacillus subtilis,
    • Lactobacillus plantarum,
    • Oenococcus oeni,
    • Nannochloropsis,
    • Chlorella,
    • Isochrysis galbana,
    • Scenedesmus obliquus… to name but a few.

Our MH1 membrane filtration rig can be adapted for your your filtration testing and process test needs with the following parameters for speedy processing of production liquors, liquid waste filtration and asset recovery needs:

    • High pressure filtration cell designed to operate up to 68 bar especially useful for assessment of NF/RO membrane separations (for small volumes up to 1 litre)
    • Laboratory Cell harvesting of microbes and algae (for up to 1 m3)
    • Production Cell harvesting of microbes and algae (sized to requirements)
    • High pressure filtration pilot suitable for NF/RO (sized to requirements)
    • Downstream processing equipment for fractional separation of high value products
    • A range of proprietary membranes in various standard configurations as support consumables for the equipment described above
    • We also supply bespoke equipment for specific customer needs.

The Membranology MH1 filtration platform have successfully concentrated cellular materials directly from fermentation broths and process liquors, to concentrations up to and over 100 g L-1 dry weight with a rapid processing time.  Additional applications include dialysis and slurry concentration.

Benefits of the Membranology MH1 filtration rig for recovery processes include:

  • Process monitoring and post run evaluation
  • Customisable size
  • Customisable components
  • Stainless Steel pipework
  • High quality membranes with a pore size to suit your application
  • Minimal holdup volume
  • Small footprint
  • Mobile

A typical set of operational data from the filtration platform is shown below.

Figure 1: Experimental data from three consecutive tank volumes of microalgae Scenedesmus species. Experimental operating parameters: initial concentration was 1.11 g DCW L-1; temperature 20 ± 1 ° Δ P 1.95 bar; cross-flow velocity 1.0 m s-1.