Pilot Scale

Membranology have a range of laboratory / pilot scale equipment.  This equipment is compact, mobile and tailored to suit the application.  These units can be easily moved between laboratories and can rapidly concentrate samples such as microbes and algae.  Small holdup volumes maximise performance with membranes matched to the application.

Single Membrane

Single MF or UF

A very compact unit for dealing with volumes up to a few 100L.

Quad Membrane

Quad MF or UF

A larger unit for pilot scale recommended for dealing with volumes >1,000L

Dual Membrane

Dual MF or UF

A compact unit with increased capacity, recommended for dealing with volumes up to a 1,000L.

Nanofiltration / Reverse Osmosis

Single NF or RO

A compact unit for nanofiltration and reverse osmosis up to 45 bar